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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hye Hello

Assalamualaikum and Heyy guys ^^'

Everytime I post a new entry, I always and must say, IT'S BEEN LONG TIMEEEE GIRLLL, I DIDNT POST ANY ENTRY. Hihi. Im just fine, but I kinda like lost for awhile. I dont have any idea and this blog doesnt cross in my mind. Hikhik. Dahlah malas pulak kawan nak berbahasa Inggeris ni. Walaupun konon kononnya nampak awesome berbahasa inggeris, tapi otak ku terpaksa bekerja keras di saat aku ingin menaip dalam bahasa omputih ni. Okayy, CUT THE CRAP! My brain seems like doesnt function well, after few months I left my school days. SobSob *wipe my tears

Kenyit mata sikit :P LOL

I think im no longer interested in this blogging thingy. You know why, because Im getting lazy, lazier and be the laziest person in this entire world to read. I felt reading will make me sleep. Miahaha. Im so proud of you, because you've the courage and patience to read my entry until this part. I think this syndrome occur because it's partly because I get excessive sleep. You know, fact that when you sleep to much you'll getting lazy.

I did this experiment on myself and the hypothesis was totally accepted. I sleep more than 10 hours per day, *Ha tkpayah nak tercengang sangat this just make me feel more tired. You gonna be sluggish(lesu) all the day. Even you think you have get enough sleep but you still feel like, 'HEYYY, CAN I SLEEP. IM TOO SLEEPY!' while you walk in the mall. Nahhh, it's not a good sign. 

When you feel too tired, you cant do work. All the work that you should do will be delayed from time to time. Until at one time you gonna realize that you've tons of unsettled work, and brought you to have a huge tense.See the impact of EXCESSIVE SLEEP. My dad did tell me, Lumrah hidup manusia, siang dijadikan untuk kita bekerja, mencari rezeki. Malam diciptakan untuk kita berehat dan beribadat kepadaNya. Seandainya kita melanggar lumrah tu maka mungkin akan berlaku komplikasi dalam badan kita.

Sebenarnya ayat tu memang untuk Nina, sebab nina selalu jadi burung hantu malam malam, tak tidur tidur melayan Burung Biru. HAA, follow lah kita @niniNINAninot. Hihi, sempat lagi promote. So, tidurlah dengan secukupnya, jangan terlebih. Makan kena ikut jadual. Amalkan gaya hidup yang sihat. hihi. Sometimes, I always feel that I have a talent to be a promoter. Hikhik. Oh ya, Nina dapat tawaran Matrikulasi. Dapat dekat KMJ, haha, tempat my sister :) Siapa dapat sama? SEP SIKIT!


Oh ya, for Farhan bin Mansor, congratulations yee. Im so proud of you, even you're gonna left me soon. Hihi

I feel this one was very interesting. Spend few minutes to watch it.

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