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Monday, May 14, 2012

Diploma or Matrics eh?

Assalamualaikum, Hey ^^'

Well, ayat klise ku, it's been a while I didnt update my blog, post new entry, touch up here and there. Basically I just dont have any idea 'What to share, What to post' Hehe. Well, as you can see up there, "DIPLOMA OR MATRICS?" Sebenarnya, dah lama terniat nak create entri ni. Nak share serba sedikit information and knowledge even though it's already quite late. Semua orang dah nak decide masuk mana dah pun. But, tak kesahlah kan. Hopefully, next year, ada adik adik yang keliru untuk memilih arah tuju, boleh rujuk post ni. There's NO boundaries in SHARING KNOWLEDGE. Nyata ia milik Maha Pencipta.

Mesti orang orang yang kenal Nina cakap, Ala Nina tu buat entri tu sebab dia choose untuk amik Diploma. Well I've been offered to do Diploma in Pharmacy, UiTM. Alhamdulillah, I guess it's a big opportunity for me. My second choice in UPU <3


Well, trend sekarang, semua orang aiming for fast track. Semua nak cepat. Semua takmau ambil Diploma. Cakap Diploma tu membazir masa lah apa lah. Tapi kenyataannya, tak pernah wujud ISTILAH membazir dalam proses pembelajaran, proses menuntut ilmu. Mungkin yang cakap membazir tu tak cukup information about the Advantages of Diploma and Disadvantages of taking Matriks. Mereka tak yakin.

Untuk pengetahuan anda, duration atau Jangka Masa

Foundation/Matriks + Degree = Diploma + Degree
1 year + 3/4 years = 3 years + 2 years

Sama je sebenarnya sayang, hitung hitung, tambah tolak, lebih kurang je. Mungkin Diploma lambat beberapa bulan sebab mereka ada Practical. My aunt, a Lecturer in an established Uni, she said, "Nak rushing kenapa? You guys still YOUNG!" Mestilah nak cepat, nak kahwin cepat kan kan Haha.

Advantages Diploma,
  • Akan ada 2 qualifications after grad sampai Degree.
  • Diploma boleh apply kerja.
  • Mostly budak budak Diploma lebih score semasa degree.
  • Lepasan Diploma tak masuk Sem 1 semasa degree, masuk Degree in Sem 3 or Sem 5
  • Ada Fast Track juga.
  • Little bit freedom, lifestyle in University.
  • As for me, I already on a right track to be a Pharmacist. Why I have to gamble and go to Matriks. In Matriks I have to take "Sains Hayat" which is still General and fight for 4 flat to get the course that I want. Too risky.
Advantages Matrics
  • The environment is totally different, because it was like you're staying in a boarding school. So chances that you're going to focus on your study very HIGH.
  • Away from being distracted by the entertainment like Hang Out and Having Fun. They're not allowed to go out at night.
  • Dapat elaun, huhu
  • You need to have a concrete basic in SPM.
  • Need to be extra hardworking, if you're the one who hardly open yr book. Read only when exam around the corner, better not. You might gonna be in trouble.
  • Possibilities for you to be 'Lelong' after grad from Matriks is High if you dont get a good pointer.
  • Low pointer might caused you to take diploma after that. 
  • Taklayak untuk diterima bekerja.

Well basically, that's all I can list out for Now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Correct me if Im wrong. Basically this is just part of my opinion. This is the reasons why I gave up on Matriks and willing to go for Diploma. Few days back, I was "kecik hati" with people who underestimate others who wanna take up diploma. Im here to prove they are wrong.

Whatever it is. The decision is in YOUR hand. Do istikharah. Ask for His help. I highly recommended to those who were good in giving commitment in their studies and brave to take up the challenge to further studies in Matriks. It's a good place fr you. Many people who succeed in Matriculation. They were determined and put a lot of effort, they managed to get 4.00. 4 flat it's just about having a straight A's. Not a big deal right!

All the Best in whatever you do. But im WARNING you, if you gave up on Diploma and take up Matrics because you think diploma took a longer time to graduate, you're wrong. 

Follow your heart, dont get influenced with other people. We are the one who owned our body, we know our own abilities. You are different with others. We have right to decide the best for our future. Think wisely.

"Correct your intention, Ask your heart, Seek for His guidance, Set your passion, Aim for it, get Prepared and Ready to Boost, LOVE, NinaSue"

PS: Im still an amateur, Sorry fr all the mistakes. Promised to update you about the real life in Diploma. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

totally agree with.. fyi. im taking diploma too in accountancy :) gudluck 2 u n wish me luck too ;)

Anonymous said...

ad jgk bdk yg dpt kos yg dy xminat kat upu atau rasa xleh nk bwk...then ambik matrik

Hanananani! said...

Believe with what Allah had set for us :) I took foundation and memang sangat risky + tiring and tak enjoy as we had too much assignments, quizzes blabla. Course nina pun still terjamin peluang pekerjaan, so rileks2 je :) whatever it is, best of luck ok! and sedia lah untuk hadapi orientasi hehehe

Nina Sue said...

Anonymous 1 : Thanks fr Supporting. All the best :)

Anonymous 2 : Itu tkdapat dinafikan :)

Nani : Hihi, Thank You Nani, pray fr me taw. XOXO

AlyaaIBH said...

masuk diploma nanti, boleh apply scholarship JPA. diploma pharmacy rite? fyi, rmai je dip pharm dpt scholar.. btw, goodluck in whatever you do. :)

Anonymous said...

Thx for the great share.bolehkah saya yakinkn mak saya lepad niiii