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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Take Care there Darling (n.n)

Assalammualaikum and Hello people =.=

This entry special dedicated to Sahera Balqies Sulaiman, Aina Syaqilah Serajudeen, Fairuz Hamzaki, Aqilah Aiman, Firdaus Hariz, Amirul Asshifaq, Afeeq Wahid and others. Well, those name that i've mentioned above will be going to SM Teknik except for Afeeq. He'll be transferred to EC. Balqies, will be going to SMT Temerloh, Aina will be going to TiJB, Firdaus and Shifaq will be going to SMT Jasin while Fairuz and Aqila will be going to SMT Sepang. For all of you, good luck. Study hard and smart. Do remember us here in Tasek Utara. Although I also will be transferred to SAMURA on second Feb but i still consider myself as one of Tasek-ian.

Well guys goodluck yawww! 10A+ in SPM 2010! Do remember and contact me when you're back here in Johor Bahru except for Aina, her school less than a mile from Tasek Utara. Like I always said ' Alaa, langkah longkang je dah sampai'. Im gonna miss you guys badly! For Balqies, I love you bua aty. Jangan sesedih taw. Dnt let your tears fall to the earth. Do call me when you're free while im still in JB. If you miss me, look at my photos hopefully that it'll be your pengubat rindu. I'll always pray fr your success and happiness there. Hopefully you do the same thing. Keep our lovely memories safely. When, you're back on sch holiday let's hang out together with maisarah. We love you sayangg.

For Aina, Im gonna miss you badly. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be fine. Dont worry about me, Im strong enough. I hope that tomorrow i'll realize that you're not my deskmate anymore. You're not on my side to laugh and play around while teacher is teaching. Hopefully that i wont call your name. I'll miss you badly. Goodluck there. Ada rezeki kita jumpa. Tijb isnt that far right. There still a week left before i go to samura. Take care of yourself. Dont miss me. Call me if you free. I love youuu. Fr Balqies and Aina, even though we've been separated hopefully that our friendship will remain like before. It will last forever and ever. Eternity friends bebeh! I love you friends :]]]

Ouh ya, last but not least, for Nadzmie Nasir, goodluck jugaaaa! Belajar rerajin tw. 

PS: Bua aty saya sayang awk. Saya cuba sedaya upaya untuk tak menoleh pada tempat awak besok bila saya dtg. Saya mesti rindu nak panggil bua aty saya. Doakan saya kuat oke!


aai syaqie said...

kau suro aku jangan rindu kau ?
gile kentang laaa weii
mane boleh !

doakan aku jangan nangis lagi amalina
bila aku ingat kt kau, aku taknak nangis
tapi aku akan doakan kau berjaya dalam hidup kau
BFF. nanti kau balik cuti, i gegar rumah u. haha

aidillah HAIMI said...

SAMURA. nanti kenal kenal la ngan INTAN SYARINA EHSAN k. kawan dila dari SMK TUN MAMAT. =)