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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Empty 0.0

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers, 0.0

Yesterday, went to school as usual but lil bit different when there are only 3 of us instead of 5 person. Where are those two persons? Yeahh, they are not a Tasek-ian anymore. Yesterday without my bua aty, Sahera Balqies and my beloved deskmate, Aina Syaqilah lil bit strange for me. But alhamdulillah, i manage to control my feelings and emotion on that that day. Maybe it is because of yesterday morning i keep saying to myself in the car, Nina be strong! Remember today, there's no balqies at the back of SN2 and you'll be sitting alone without Aina by your side. Alhamdulillah I make it. 

But today i realize that i actually miss them. I felt something missing. Usually i went back with balqies, but today im alone. I walking from the class to the bus stop alone. While waiting for Anis, again im alone. There's only me and my bags there. At that moment, I feel empty. I've started to miss both of you and now i felt like crying. I wonder how both of you gone through your day at new school without me. Do you feel the same way like I feel. You must have found new friends and now trying to get to know each other. Nevermind, I just need some time to adapt this situation. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow perhaps, InsyaAllah everything will back to normal.

I know that Im strong enough to face all these things. There's only few days for me to spend my precious time in Tasek Utara before I move to SAMURA. I feel like whoaa very fast. Tomorrow, already wednesday. 3 days left. This week I tried to control and stabilized my emotions. Everyday, i keep missing Farhan eventhough I saw him at school. Deep in my heart, it's really hard for me to leave them. People that I really love. Maisarah, Salmah, Farhan, Has, Arin, Luna, other friends and teachers. But i've to. I need to sacrifice it for my future. InsyaAllah someday we'll meet again. Pray fr my success and happiness people.

I miss both of you badly :( You will never be replaced


 I loveeee youu sygg<33
I wonder how do I go through my days without you.
How I would feel when I didnt see you face like I used to.

1 comment:

aai syaqie said...

kau buat aku nangis
sumpah !

i felt the same way too
aku mengalami culture shock yg sgt hebat
tiba2 dah takde 4 orang kawan yg gelak2 dengan aku.
but aku buat ape yg kau buat
aku kene kuat. utk future kite masing2.
you will never be replaced