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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Satu Enam Daa~ [^^,']

Yeahh, today 19 January 2010. Genap usia aku enam belas tahun. I expect fr a bombastic birthday celebration this year. But it just my dream. Reality, I know it will never happened in this kind of situation. When all people and friends were upset to go to teknik or SBP. This is my worst week ever. I never felt this way before. Not happy for 2 days. No laugh. Just senyum tampal that I cn give. This is totally not me. Im lost. Im finding fr Nina who's happy go lucky, make people laugh, hyperactive and etc. 

Grr, this year kt rumah birthday one day earlier. Sebab today ibu pergi KL. Duhh, upset tw tk. But okelah kn, better than never. Yeahh,  but still rasa takda mood. Hw pun aku tk teringin nak sentuh except for mod math and add math. Shit.

Pagi pagi datang sekolah, ingat nak happy happy but then bila sampai class Balqies, nengok semua orang macam tak happy. Benci. Aku dah pesan aku tak nak orang moody. Sedih sangat. Sedihh betol. After bacaan doa, aku tak masuk class. First period until last period baru masuk class. Selama tu dok menempek kat Bilik Kaunseling. Pagi pagi dah negok muka orang moody. Yeahh, muka bestfriends I. Memang dh spoil pun. Tp takpelah, they're my friends. And i've just only few days to be with them. Nevermind la sacrifice sikit.

But im lil bit bored and bored to see their moody face. I expect for a happy and cheerish day, tapi sebaliknya pulak. Suram, moody. Sedih, terasa. I should be happy on my birthday but I cant. Bila petang ingat nak celebrate birthday but then cuaca agak panas. Tak jadi buat kat garden buat kat class SN2. Bila pegi class SN2, nengok muka orang moody. Di tambah dengan yang menangis. Nengok muka paan, yeahh he's not that happy. Upset. I know what act in his heart and mind at the moment. His friends looks very happy and hyperactive but he's not. Just sitting in the middle and keep silent. How bout me? Im lil bit disappointed. But nevermind lahh. The celebration is still go on. But tk meriah lahh.

Nina lost her mood already. Thanks yaww, pada mereka mereka yang bagi present and wishes. Terlalu banyak orang yang wish today. Sampai junior junior pun wish. Agak terharu, di samping kesedihan adelah jgak pengubat hati sikit. Thank You people. I lovee youu. Thanks jugak pada Teha, Hajar and Nado sebab siap post new entri fr me. Thanks a lot. Im gonna miss you all of you when im not here anymore. Do remember me oke. Ilyyy


Meen Eunos said...

happy birthday sweet heart.
May it brings joy, happiness &
prosperity on your birthday.


Anis lahh said...

Happy 16th birthday, Nina sayang. May Allah bless you always.

P/S :
Normal la manusia bg reaksi mcm tu bila kwn nk pindah. Give them some time to chill :)