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Friday, May 20, 2016

Diploma in Pharmacy UiTM 2016

Dearest all who have read my previous post on the Realiti Diploma Farmasi, I just re-opened my blog after a super long long time, *thought that I've private my blog, sigh* and realize that there are few comments from few years ago that I just discovered. Im neglect and feel so sorry for them who didnt get the reply. In this post, I will be telling about the Dip in Pharm UiTM, up to date to current year 2016. 

So basically Dip in Pharm is a 3 years program. Last time during my time in 2012, we are all have to travel on daily basis as the Bertam Campus did not have residential college. Alhamdulillah today, all the Dip Pharm student do not have to travel anymore, as residential college in Bertam are ready to live in. This means that all the students do not have to wake up so early in morning to catch the bus and ride on 45 minutes journey anymore. *thumbs up uitm for providing a great accomodations

This 3 years program, comprised of 2 years of on campus mode, attending lecture and do practical (lab session) and 1 year (it's about 10 months to be exact), hospital attachment. I've graduated on 2015, and currently doing my Bachelor in Pharmacy (Bpharm UiTM)

Based on my experience, I enjoy my days when im doing diploma in pharmacy. For me, Penang is a nice place, which I rarely feel homesick. The environment, the lecturers are supernice. You dont have to worry. In terms of studying, I would say, you dont compare yourself with other courses. If you aim to further degree after graduated from Dip in Pharm, you have to work hard. The subject is quite challenging, with lots of memorizing and understanding, of course. Bcs im now doing my Bpharm, so I get to compare what's the difference during diploma and degree life. 

During my days doing Diploma, we have so many interesting lab session of compounding medicine. Each solid dosage form, for example solid dosage and liquid dosage, they have their own lab, and we learn the course solely. So we get to compound few type of medicine in the same group of dosage form. In Bpharm, all the dosage form are packed into one courses, which we will compound solid and liquid in the same course. So the amount of the medicine that we compound are lesser compared to when I was doing dip.  

If you are wondering, how many year I have to do my Bpharm after I graduated from Dip in Pharm, the answer is 4 YEARS. Yup! You read it right. So in total 3 years + 4 years = 7 years. Last time, I also thought there will be shortcut or in proper words there is credit hour transfer, but sadly No. But I okay je, and I've no regret pun for taking diploma. As I had more exposure to this field, and there is few things that help me to understand better in the degree subject. 

That all that I could think now, I hope it helps. Any inquiries, you can always email me at ninashr.work@gmail.com   InshaAllah will try to assist you guys for a better future. Gituuu. Till then <3 p="">

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