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Monday, November 26, 2012

This is real.

Salam Alaik,

Well, it's been a long time since my last post. Stuck in my packed schedule when I was in campus, and pretty enjoying my holiday to the fullest when I was home. Anw, how are you doing people? Cliche betul. Common betul. Well I hate to do something that people dont do. It's not that im not daring enough, but I might be tired to answer all the questions that come after, when people are really concern on the 'bizarre' thing that they've discovered on you! I lied. Im just afraid to face the music.

Last time I promised to let people know about my life in Penang. The first answer when people asked me, 'Nina, how's Penang?' First word, PANAS. Tak tahu kenapa, maybe sebab dekat dengan laut. Tapi kita orang dekat mainland. But seriously, for the first time, I feel like sleeping in the sauna room, woke up in the morning, dah siap mandi. Mandi peluh youolls. But environment, so far, beyond my expectation. Malls keliling. Kolej selesa. Tempat belajar selesa. Transport je susah sikit. 

Kuliah, okay okay je. Tidur dalam class tu masih lagi. Jujur ni. Woke up, 6 in the morning. Grab the bus at 7 am. Balik paling lambat pukul 6. Yeahh, macam budak sekolah, still naik bus, still balik lambat. Because student Pharmacy and Health Science campus dekat Bertam. Kolej/Asrama dekat Permatang Pauh. So Mon-Fri travelling. Schedule pack gila. First Semester for Pharmacy Student ada 7 subject plus 1 ko-ku subject. Semua kelapan lapan bawak final. Tough la jugak. Tapi aku bersyukur gila sebab dah takda subject physics. Sem 1 takdelah susah sangat, ramai je yang dapat Dean List (Pointer 3.5 and above)

Realitinya, student Diploma of Pharmacy UiTM ni, basically, rata rata student dia 6A's and above masa SPM. Semua background hebat hebat belaka. Start daripada bila entah, dah tak ada fast track. Ada 6 semester. 4 Sem belajar dekat campus, 2 Sem keluar practical dekat hospital. Lulusan Diploma of Pharmacy ni,  career opportunity; Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Pharmacy. Graduated student can pursue Bachelor in Medic, Dentistry, Opto, Pharmacy and etc. But definitely, kalau nak pursue medic kenelah pointer 4.0. If nak Pharmacy/ Dentistry mesti 3.8. We have to compete with students from matriculation and other foundations.

Groupmates and Lecturers, PH1101C1

3.8, nombor bertuah. Siang malam jadi igaun. Ayat takboleh blah. Bila nak exam je, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena. Everyone really work hard on it. So, I was like lil bit offended when people said Diploma senang je, sini duduk belajar course aku nengok senang ke tk. Syllabus lebih kurang je macam matriks. Aku belajar Glycoloysis, dia orang pun belajar Glycolysis jugak. Then nak cakap apa lagi ea? Seronok je sebenarnya kat Penang. I met many new people, a really kind people. Tak selalu homesick eventho masa ibu balik after hantar I cried. Malu je, masa Universiti pun nangis lagi. Hihi. Till here, Sayonara for now.

PS: Something that we know it's hard to grab can have 2 solutions; First, left it in the middle of the journey or in other words give up on it, OR Second solutions, make it as a motivation for you to work harder and less procrastinate. Things never get easy unless you put some effort on it. Even, Thomas Edison put a lot of effort to light up the world today, Colonel Sander failed many times to make a finger licking Kentucky Friend Chicken today and even Nabi Muhammad SAW also faced many challenges to deliver Da'wa, but he never give up.

“It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad, and it is better still to sit with the good than alone. It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to remain silent, but silence is better than idle words." - Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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