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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Girl with Dignity :]

Assalamualaikum, and heyya guysss ^^',

This time round I wanna make a special entry dedicated to all girls. You're a boyy? Can you read this? Of course YES! Alahai, ni hanyalah cebisan pendapat from me. When you read this, first thing that you've to do is to clear yr mind. Girl with Dignity, I dont know why im creating this entry, but something just happened and that incident force me to post this entry.

But in this entry, im thinking of to minimize the scope to Muslim Girl with Dignity. A girl, a very majestic creation from Allah. This creature specially made with a very gentle behaviour and of course were grant with an incredible attraction. That is the reason why our religion, Islam, is very concerned about a girl thus we're asked to cover our aurat. They are naturally endowed with a sense of shame. Some people said, the more they feel shame the more 'Iman' they owned.

As a Muslim and Malay girl, im thinking tht we should have a great personality. Nowadays, living in the era of Urbanization and Hi-Tech, Alhamdulillah, many development had take place not just on this earth but also in our Muslim and Malays mind. We are more likely be more open-minded and getting more daring to face this challenging world. I have to admit it. Many Western culture also have been imported to our country and become a trend. That's why I discover many girls now act very brave okayy. Girls POWER!

A normal girl also were endow with this kind of feeling which attracted to opposite gender. Itu lumrah. But remember, we as a girl, should have a veryyyyyyyyy high dignity. Dignity tu ape? Dignity = Maruah. Simple, I tell you what, if you crush on someone, You shouldnt approach and tell him how do you feel about him. Keep that feeling okayyy. Sometimes I just dont get it, why some girls are willing to do anything to get attention from guys. Come on, I still can live this life without their attention okayy. If I could do that, You also can do that and I've seen many of my friends have a very concrete principle which they dont talk to guys. Talk when needed only!

If he meant to be yours, he will naturally come to you. Be a lil bit patience okayy. Banyak dah cerita kita baca, bila dia sanggup berjihad untuk tunggu someone that she really love and at the same time berdoa, insyaAllah dapat. Seandainya kita mati, kita dikira syahid kerana berjihad melawan nafsu. Contohnya macam cerita cinta Saidina Ali dan FatimahSweet sangatt <3 Jangan gelojoh awak. Please, dont ever show that we are like desperately need them. So not cool.

Like seriously, I could not bear girls which is sooo gedikk. Chill okayy, and mostly I saw they are below my age. Sorry la awak. I dont know why but they seem to be very daring. Every minute update status about guyss. Lahai, dont you have any other interesting story fr me to read.  Farhan said, biarlah budak budak baru nak belajar. Come on, when I was about your age, I admit I crush on with many boys and one of them was a senior, but I didnt approach him. And never dream to talk or to text or whatever.  Even in my heart said that his face melt me but I dont let him know. I dont praise him just to get his attention. 

It just show how cheap I am. Sorry to say. But tht's how I feel. Remember when you wanna do something, think thrice not twice. You were born with a daring personality and why cant you use your brilliant brain. Dignity come first in whatever you do. Not only fr yourself but for your parents and your family. Think about the implication. Apa orang akan fikir pasal kita. 

Some people have set their mind like this, 'LIKE I CARE', 'PEDULI APA KAU NAK CAKAP'. Ada masa kita perlu fikir macam tu, tapi ada masa kita kena pertimbangkan apa pendapat orang. We are just an ordinary human, we cant escape from doing wrong. It's a FACT! Mostly people with this kind of minded act very brave. Tapi percayalah kalau takda angin masakan pokok bergoyangkan. Being daring is not crime, but you must know the barrier. Before this I did post this status. 

This incident forced me to create this entry. Honestly, I create this entry is not because I felt jealous. If it is there it's just lil bit of it. But majorly, it is because I wanna all the girls like me have a concrete dignity in our life. I want all malay and muslim girls to think thrice before they take any action. My intention is not more than to educate and to share my opinion. 

Jomlah kita hidupkan kembali Zaman Mesir Purba bila perempuan dipandang tinggi dalam masyarakat, jadi macam Firaun Hatshepsut hehe. Betol ke eja? Dah lupa. Memang tak dinafikan zaman sekarang ni perempuan lagi pandai daripada lelaki, tapi kalau pandai je, maruah takde hanyut kemana tak guna jugak. Kita hidup ni jangan balik pada zaman jahiliah. Sebab apa arab jahiliah tanam baby perempuan hidup hidup sebab mereka rasa perempuan ni takda maruah takda harga diri tak mampu nak warisi harta. So jangan jadi macam tu.

The day before yesterday, I told ibu, Im lazyyyy to think. And Ibu simply answer to me like this, "Allah bagi kita akal untuk apa? Untuk berfikir, jadi gunalah sebaik mungkin. Kalau malas nak fikir baik jadi macam binatang tu takpayah fikir apa apa." Haha, makan sekali.

*May This Entry Benefits You. Together we try to change. When there's will there's way. Sorry fr the grammar error.

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