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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Movie marathon ^__^

Hihi, Assalamualaikum and Heyya peopleeeee <3

How do you do? Fyi, im a movie maniac brat! Since daripada kat sekolah lagi memang movie marathon dah berada dalam list things to do after SPM. So fr the time being, saya telah pun menonton sebanyak 10 mvie. Hihi. Tapi dvd ada banyak lagi belum nengok.

I dont know why I bought this mvie, but most importantly 

I gained new knowledge tht a pregnant woman cant be FIRED taw!

Okay I really love Natalie Portman. 

Ashton Kutcher was really HOT! He was tall and handsome

One day nii ada Anne Hathaway, ala yg dalam princess diaries tu. Adore her! 

This movie must see! Best :D The guy sumpah handsome. Nina berebut dengan Anis

Tak percaya pegi google Colin Egglesfield!

This story was awesome, but not suitable to be watch with kids!

Best jugak!

Natalie Portman again, Best! But make sure you have remote in yr hands

Jessica Alba! Damn cute gilaaaa

This one science fiction kot ;)

The only malay movie! Teringat masa outing kita orang nengok curik curik dekat kdi DVD :D 

Okayy! Tht's all for now. Basically most of the movie above are romance genre. Haha. Of course kalau dah cerita mat salleh kissing part tu memang ada lah kan. So keep yr remote in yr hand when you watch or ready to close yr eyes! HEEE

#Kalau nak bagi suggestion fr movie pun best jugak. I would love it :D

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