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Monday, May 9, 2011

ding dong

Assalammualaikum and Hey peeps,

Dah lama kan tak update post, tak benda pun sangat entri ni. Currently tengah first trial inter SBP. Actually, if sekolah harian mid year exam lah kan. So far, tinggal lagi 5 paper je lagi. Lagi 4 paper dah selamat dah. Comment, hurmmm, toughhh kot. After satu paper, I'll repeat the same words, Im hoping tht I can do better fr the next paper. HEHE, maknanya, susahla tu kan kan. But wht to do. Reda jelaa. Anw, BADAR Samura sangat aktif, especially naqibah. Dakwah dakwah dia orang tu adalah memberi kesan pada aku. Plusss nak cakap ni, saya sangat happy bila dengar Ain Nadirah dia nak berhijab. I, myself also try to make some changes. Syera, always give me 'love notes' and at the end of notes she will said 'I hope fates fares you well' . InsyaAllah, im hoping fr the same thing. May him show me the right path. Pray fr me people ^^,'

Ouh yaaa, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers in the world, know tht your children love youu <3

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eyjalukman said...

goodluck dear !
wahh,ain nk pakai tudung ? congrates to her ;)