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Monday, February 14, 2011

Stressful Week

Assalamualaikum and Hello Peeps,

Salam from Sains Muar, just a short entry for today. While all form five students' attend chemistry class but Ain and me hanging at bestari room. Okay we're not escaping the class, but Mr Ooi is not around, he went fr a meeting. So this is the only time for us to take advantage to use the computer. HEHE. Padahal kerja melambak tunggu. Well, guys you know works and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I dont want to be like Jacky, I want to be superduper Nina.

For the first five weeks, last week was the most stressfull week. I dont know why, it might be because I just came back from home and still in mood 'homesick'. Many works make me stress, I miss homieee. I wanna go home. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, we already receive newcomers in our dorm. Form four students register theirself on last monday. We're sooo happy but damn exhausted after that. Surprisingly that they're not crying when their mother left them. WHOA, tough gilaa. 

Yesterday, I was really stress, Im not in mood. I do stress because I didnt master log even after thousand times  of practice. Luckily, my mum came to bring me fr outing. Happy lah sikit. Spend few hours with them.Pergi giant, jalan jalan sikit. Then balik. Bila ibu nak balik,  salam and hug her, Suddenly I cried, heavily. For a long time I didnt cry but yesterday I cry. Haishh. Okaylahh, I gtg. I miss everyone. I'll be home on this 25. See you then <3

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