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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Excitednyaa :)

SubhanaAllah, tiba tiba hormone adrenaline saya mebuak buak, membuatkan saya rasa amat terujaa sangat. Just now, Im searching for some information that can help me in my Physics. Well, my physics was kinda bad. Then bila type je, banyak keluar then dia ada siap linked ke page subject guru cemerlang yang lain lain. Haih, mungkin ni perngubat rasa nak balik SAMURA kot. Supaya excited sikit, sebab semalam baru je mengeluh tak nak balik sangat. I will share with you the link on my next entry okay. Nina nengok nengok dulu mana the best. Keep on tracking to get more information ;)

PS: I used to babble bout something nonsense on this blog, but now as one of SPM candidates 2011, maybe I can share something that I have with other SPM candidates just like me out there. Bila nak exam kita kenalah berbuat baik, sentiasa positive, InsyaAllah kita akan mendapat balasan yang lebih baik. Here, im not expecting for a repayment but I think Im doing this as part of my responsibility to community ^^,

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