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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Result? ERMM

Before I start babbling here, let's take a deep breath. Today Im going to talk about result. Ouh yeahhh, PMR's result. I dont know why, suddenly I feel like talking talking about this matter even though everytime I thought of it my heart started to beat faster and feel like it will fall to the ground and my body, hands and legs start to shake like there's earthquake. Okeee I know that is really 'hiperbola'. Heee. Many people told me that the result might come out on 20 Dec. Some of them also said that it will come out on 27 Dec. Both date are weekends. From my rational thinking, absolutely all the government office were closed on weekends right. So I dont take it too much when they're talking about that date. Like I always did, just smileee and my heart whispered 'chill chill, forget it. Let's enjoy frst'.

But today, my bestfriend, Miss Aai Syaqie text me ' Nina nina! You know what, the result will come out 24 Dec. I confirm You! '. Once I've read it, OMG, I was shaking and I was really scared of it. Eventhough my trial was quite good I guess, but I know I didnt perform very well when Im sitting fr PMR. I dont know why I keep thinking on that way. I  was really scared if I didnt get 8A's. Definitely my mum will get angry and of course she will feel disappointed. And me? Of course I'll crying and crying. At the same time I'll also feel ashamed with my relatives and my friends. My elder sister score 8A's during her PMR. Currently all my siblings scored straight A's during our big exam (UPSR). If I didnt, I'll be the black sheep in family. What a shame! Anyway, we'lll just wait and see. I'll pray harder. Pray fr me people.  

Current mood : Unstable, scared. 

PS : Sorry, if there're many grammar error. Im about to learn and try to improve it :)


b said...

24 dec ?
btol ke btol ke ?
huuu , cuaknyaa :)
eh , i'll pray for you ;)

aai syaqie said...

' Nina nina! You know what, the result will come out 24 Dec. I confirm You! '

suke kau je tukar2 ayat aku. haha. takpe disebabkan wa sayang lu, i maafkan. hehe.

btw, bile aku bace part hiperbola tu, aku dah gelakgelak.
itu menunjukkan kite tetap tk tinggalkan ape yang kite dah study even the exam is over

gudluck doww
doa + tawakal

ninaa said...

B :
Herm, I rse betol kot. I pun cuakk jugak beb. Teketaq ketaq lutut nihhh. Thnks babe. Let us pray fr our succeed. InsyaAllah, Amin :)

Aina :
Alaa, oke apee senada jugak kn. Tp yg Nina nina tu betol apee. HAHA.

Ouh yeahh, definitely. Penat penat aku belaja tk kn nk tinggal begitu je kn. HAA, gd luckk too.

nadzmienasir said...

cuak gilee doo haha