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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nevermind, Chill :D

It's okay. What had just happened between you and her I just consider it as unplanned atau tidak disengajakan. I believe that things happen for a reason.  At first, I might get angry and jealous. But I try to accept it. Benda dah nak jadi so apa nak buat. I didnt blame anyone but im just hoping that this is the first and will be the last. Hoping that this thing wont happen again. Im just trying to be more flexible and considerate even im hurt. I know that Im strong enough and yeahhh, Im ready to face all this thing since I decide to hve relationship wth you. Thanks to my 'sugar', Aina and Balqies fr being so supportive and chill me up. I lovee youu people. Chillllll ;]]]

PS: I still love you and Im not ready yet to lose you ;D


Muhamad Ulwan Bin Mokhtar Mohed said...

ni bru betul. ni lah nina yg aku kenal
syukur kpd Allah, nina dh sedar!

aai syaqie said...

haha ulwan ni bikin aku gelak !
adoyy. chill lahh
yeahh things happen for a reason