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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Im Backkkk! (^^',)

Hey, Assalamualaikum peeps (^____^')

Im back to the town. Siapa rindu saya? Cepat mengaku cepat mengaku. Elehh awak tu, yang hide kan muka tuu, dah blushing dah tuu. HEE. Anw, im not going anywhere. The reason I private my blog for while, it's because I wanna transform it. HAHA. Takdelah, just to make some changes. Im the one who easy to get bored of something. Thing! OKAYY. Not human.

Well well, so here it is. My baby bloggy new look :]

The old One.

The NEW one.

Okay, maybe you might say my old blog is cuter than the new one. My mum did said that 'I love the older one'. Tapi alah tapelah, cincai jelahh. Saya suka pe belog baru saya. Matured sikit. Plus dengan usaha penat lelah nina sendiri, buat decoration and button ituu semua sendiri taww. SO, please, NO copycat. Shooh shooh. Go awayyyy! So this is it. I've got many story to share, but later lah eh. Besok saya tuition lah, pukul 8 pagi. Kesian tak kat saya? Kesian kan. Keyboard off, peeps. Take care yaw. Love yeahh. Muah muah XOXO

Muka budak Nakal kan?

PS: The new look is lil bit messy. I still working on the button and links. Please let me know if those button didnt works. Will you? 

*Ehh awk awk, dekat ats sna kan act ade button button kecik, yang ad bentuk love and pie tu kan. Either one ad chatbox. You may click

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