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Monday, May 10, 2010

Eternity Love

7 May 2010
A new historical date in my life when my beloved nanny, Tok Mah left us.
I was speechless and I cant control my emotion on her funeral day.
I cant stop myself from crying and until now I still thought that she's still alive.
This is one of the hardest part in my life that i've to face. 
And reality is you're gone and I will never have chance to see your face, your smile and your laugh.
Your voice calling my name will never be heard anymore. May Allah bless your soul.
Rest in peace atok, I love you forever. Al-Fatihah 

1 comment:

eyjalukman said...

heyy ,
salam takziah utk nina
smoga atok nina ditempatkan di kalangan orang yg beriman ;(

sbr oke .