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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello 2010, Byebye 2009 (^__^)

Assalamualaikum and Helloooooo readers. Let's start our entry with bismillahirahmanirahim and a big smileeee ;) How's your day? great or not? Hope today is better than yesterday. Okayy, as you know, hari ni 30 December 2009. Tinggal lagi sehari je nak masuk 2010. OMG! I was so grateful, Allah still give me chance to live on this earth. Alhamdulillah. So back to our topic, macam mana persiapan korang fr 2010? Kepada mereka yang bersekolah, dah ready semuanya?

Hee, Nina tak payah cerita lahh, barang sekolah haram satu pun tak beli. My sister said, "Kau ni Na, act mengalahkan orang dah habis SPM, padahal PMR je" HEHE. Sebab aku memang tak beli ape ape pun. Not a single thing. Takda mood. No new converse shoes, no new bags, no new pencil case and even there's no new stationery for me. It is not because my ibu not bring me shopping to buy sch stuff but Im the one who doesnt want to buy it. HEHE. I feel like, later jelaaaa. hee

But I've started my add math tuition. So far dah cover chapter one. Tinggal nak brush up jee. Masterkan semuanya. Add math tak macam math mod kan. It's totally different. Mse first first belajar, mang senoneng kejap. Susah gile nak pickup. But then alhamdulillah laa, smakin laju saya mengira HEHE. So lepas ni, kat sekolah boleh la jadi tutor kwan kawan kan. First customer, Encik Farhan saya. Awal awal die dah cakap nanti ajar paan taw. Aku iyekan aje :DD

Next year dah form 4. Woot woot, macam tak percaya je kann. Two more years untuk menamatkan zaman persekolahan. HAHA. Bunyi macam tak sabar je, but usually orang cakap, bile dah habis zaman sekolah and masuk universiti then bekerja, the moment that you will miss the most is zaman school hood. Zaman notes cikgu suap, tak payah pening kepala fikir pasal kerja segala laa, balik pun on time kan. HEE. Definitely, one day Nina mestii rinduu gile zaman sekolah. HEHE. Awal awal dah dapat imagine daa. Heee.

Well, hari ni aku duk rumah aje. Macam biasa. But bile petang tu, hari tk berapa panas aku pon keluar la rumah. Buat photoshoot sikit. Brush up my photography skill. If tk brush up, buat ape bazir duit beli DSLR kan. Such a wasting. So here some of my collections ::

Oke, let me introduce you, this is Cosmo. We used to call him MOMO.
Momo, say hello to my readers, HELL-OOOO!

Gahh, again this creature's photo. I love to snap his photo's because it's FREE

 Bibik's pokok limau purut has been eaten by snail, I guess.

He's Akif. My super lil brother and current lil model HEE



Jari gemok!

Last but no least, My Form 4's book. Biology and Add Math (^_^)

That's all for now. Many more coming soon. Stay tuned. Do keep in touch. Live your day with a big smileeee. Sayonara (n.0)

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faqiha said...

hoho smela kite lame sgt relex after pmr,,mcm mls je nk skola haha :D